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Pastor Luis Beltré, Jr. has a BA in Theology and a Master's in Teaching from Andrews University.  He has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 15 years.  See below for more.

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A Note From Pastor Luis:

Growing up in a pastoral family, I learned the power of humble leadership. As a Pastor my father set a high standard for what a minister should be, and I grew up knowing that being a pastor required sacrifice, a passion for people, and a desire for winning souls to Christ. As a young man, I became involved in Youth Ministry as I embraced my relationship with Jesus. Through that experience I felt God call me to the pastoral ministry. Four years later I graduated from Andrews University with a Theology degree, ready to serve as a Pastor. 
Since then I’ve had the privilege to work as a Pastor, Youth Pastor, Chaplain, Teacher and a Missionary. God has taken me from the USA to South America, and Asia to serve him!
Along the way, I met my lovely wife Adrinna, who also has a passion for ministry. Her experiences abroad as a missionary, as well as her educational background in Religion and Education has enabled us to serve our community together as a ministry team.

We hope you will come and visit us soon.  God Bless!

Pr. Luis

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